About Kim Hudson

Kim began her career as a field geologist doing everything from dirt-bagging to running drill programs in remote camps in the Hemlo area, Eskay Creek area, NWT and the Yukon.  After earning her Applied Masters in Mineral Exploration from Queen’s University she worked for several years doing mineral assessment work for First Nations and staking and optioning properties.  She then accepted a position as a Federal Land Claims Negotiator in the Yukon during the completion of the Umbrella Final Agreement and signing of the first 4 Final Agreements.  Kim has also done extensive work in research, workshop development and  facilitation including First Nation-Government-Business conferences.  An interest in conflict resolution lead her to study at the Harvard Negotiation Project and BC Justice Institute.  Kim has been a member of the Yukon Water Board and Chair of the Yukon Land Use Planning Council.

After having children, Kim studied writing for film and television and wrote her first book, The Virgin’s Promise, on story structure, which she delivers workshops on internationally.  The archetypal insights from her book have been developed into a leadership program, Balanced Leadership, which she teaches at Hollyhock Learning Centre and The Haven with Dr. Laurie Anderson.allheadshots2009 058Currently Kim is a Fellow of Simon Fraser University Centre for Dialogue working on the Two Culture Talks project.

The objective of Two Culture Talks (2CT) is to design, implement and report a novel negotiation practice that recognizes two different interaction modes, circular and linear thinking.  The understanding of circular and linear will become a book that might be described as Emotional Intelligence meets Getting to Yes.  Circular thinkers believe successful interactions are dependent on meaningful relationships and authentic communication while linear thinkers strive to stay focused on a goal and make continuous progress.  These invisible differences in thinking style often stunt negotiations.  2CT will establish a process that structurally includes and values both thinking styles.

1 thought on “About Kim Hudson

  1. My recently rediscovered girlfriend (fmr. fiancee) & I talk allot-long dist. Circular v. Linear came up; she’s more linear than the typical (?) woman. WE have interesting discussions. My Q is: Who actually/exactly comprises/ forms the two groups of geologists (per your professor) in your article from 2013 re: linear v. circ. thinkers. Lost the title when I jumped to this page. Seems as if there are three…

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